Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The first post.... who the heck is this girl?!?!?!?

As you would have read if you've checked out my profile, I am going to be applying to McGill University and I want to keep a record of my weird, frequent academic thoughts and feeble analyses of literature as best as I can. If I don't get in on my first application, I'd like to show off this blog and show them that I'm not only smart enough for grad school but also very dedicated.

You might be asking, "Why on earth would she not get in?" Well, my esteemed readers (should there be anybody out there), my marks are not as high as I (or McGill) would like them to be. In fact, they're about .4 GPA points too low. I think there is hope though. The purpose of this blog goes with my hopes, dreams, and outright logic that there has to be some flexibility and there's gotta be a way to do this. So please, buckle your seatbelts and join me in this wild (possibly boring for the average person who isn't always thinking about sociology and Jewish identity) ride!


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  1. You WOULD be a kick ass addition to the McGill sociology grad program! I know first hand how many academic thoughts (sociological and otherwise) you have, as I frequently am on the receiving end as you voice those thoughts. Which is enlightening, by the way, and always enjoyable. :) Good luck in this convince-McGill-athon and I hope they realize through this blog that you WILL be the perfect addition to their program!