Sunday, June 5, 2011


I just wanted to post something here about my amazing weekend. I think there will be many, many posts to follow this one, but I wanted to just put something out there quickly to say I'm still processing (so, to say nothing at all...)

On Saturday I was honoured to attend TEDxCalgary. The ideas that I got to experience were truly remarkable. I was originally interested in going to see one of my professors from university, Dr. Mark Durieux, speak; but it turned out to be even more. Dr. Durieux was great to hear again, and he was accompanied by 8 other absolutely amazing speakers.

Today I participated in "It's Up 2 Us", which was a community building workshop put on by the Youth Leadership Division (YLD) of the Calgary Jewish Federation. It was a group of 25-45 year olds trying to come up with ideas to make the Jewish community in Calgary the best it can be.

It was a really inspirational weekend; one that made me want to really get involved.

For now, I'm still trying to process and come up with my thoughts, which I'm dying to share here. However, I still am neck-deep in a bunch of different, confused thoughts.

In the meantime, the YLD is putting together a committee to write a report about today's event and I've put myself out there to be part of it, so hopefully that goes well. In other exciting news, I met a couple of really nice girls today and I think we'll be staying in touch, which I'm really stoked about.

I'm working on my first thoughts about yesterday's event and hopefully I'll have that post dusted off soon (as well as my thoughts about the specific topics and today's event) so that I can share them!

Finally, I see that I have a follower! Thanks for joining me on this journey to share some of my thoughts; I'm really humbled to have a follower, so I hope I can provide some context of my life that you might find interesting.



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  1. Good for you for getting involved. It sounds like a wonderfully inspiring weekend, and I'm looking forward to your thoughts on it. Lately I have been so drawn to Jewish culture and how they live their lives. I love the tangible aspect of their spirituality, and all their tradition realized in Christ is really powerful to me.

    Is there a huge Jewish community in Calgary? What kind of things do they do to foster community and/or events? Maybe you will cover that in another blog post, so you don't have to answer here if you don't want. But I am curious how they go about that stuff as opposed to Christians.